Palpa's deposit-based beverage packages can be returned either with or without reverse vending machine. Retail outlets return beverage packages mainly through a vending machine. 

The vending machine stores information on each beverage package returned by the consumer, regardless of whether the vending machine sorts the package on a table or in a container. The return information for the container report is formed in such a way that the return location resets the vending machine when the container is replaced. The same practice applies to cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles.



Return all cans including non-deposit ones or plastic bottles with Palpa's deposit marking either in a Palpa box or in a vending machine bag (blue print). Return both compressed and uncompressed cans or plastic bottles in the same transport unit. Attach a Palpa identification sticker to each transport unit.

NOTE! It is not allowed to pack other beverage packages or garbage in a transport unit of cans or plastic bottles.

If the return is made in violation of the instructions, Palpa is entitled to sanction the return location for noncompliance with the instructions. The beverage supplier has the right to refuse to accept packaged transport units in violation of the instructions.


Sort the beverage bottles of glass into a glass container (600 L / 240 L). Attach the identification sticker to the collar of the container (large container) or to the closure on the handle of the lid (small container). Please make sure that the container does not have a legible identification sticker from the previous user. Remove extra stickers or make them unreadable by dragging slashes over barcodes.

NOTE! Do not put cans, plastic bottles, ceramic bottles, porcelain, rubbish or other glass material (eg drinking glasses) in the container.

If the return has been made in violation of the instructions, Palpa has the right to sanction the return point for non-compliance with the instructions. The beverage supplier has the right to refuse to accept a container that contains other material than glass beverage bottles.


Return the refillable glass and plastic bottles in the brewery basket or cell plate to the breweries.

The return instructions (only in Finnish) for refillable glass bottles (e.g. the traditional brown beer bottles) can be found here.

NOTE! Refillable glass bottles must not be returned to Palpa.


The returns are mainly transported as round trip transports, excluding emptying service of glass bottles. The beverage supplier picks up the transportation units in connection with a beverage delivery. The driver of the beverage supplier reads the barcodes and delivers the transportation units to a processing plant.

RVM returns of cans and plastic bottles are baled and glass containers are emptied onto pallets to await transport to the reprocessor.



Palpa sends the first batch of stickers to the return location after the registration application has been approved. More stickers can be ordered on Palpa Extranet or from the e-mail address [email protected]

Palpa sends the stickers via post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Other packaging materials (PALPA boxes, vending bags, bag ties, glass containers) are sold by beverage suppliers and franchising groups, among others.